Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Furby Home Companion

So, last post--so close, and yet, so close-- I babbled on about Philip K. Dick, Tim Powers, A Stolen Android head; and I happily ragged on Dan Brown....

This time I Explain--

THE FURBY CONSPIRACY (see last post for context, thanks to Sarah for setting the perverted wheels in my head in motion)...

In a world sidewise removed from ours, a savvy airline baggage handler sets forth the means by which Furbys come to RULE THE EARTH!

Having 'diverted' the android head of Philip K. Dick, said handler (we'll call him Daniel), decides to list the bundle of electronics on Craigslist. An anonymous buyer offers Daniel $50,000 dollars for it; transaction to take place in the darkened parking lot of a quarter-mile square Storage facility.

In the near-dark Daniel sees an SUV pull up 100 paces from him and flash its lights twice. Daniel nervously moves towards the vehicle, wishing he'd asked a friend to come along as back-up (but the 'graciousness' of splitting any part of the 50k, stopped him).
By the time he reaches the SUV all he can see is the cabin light lit and a furry doll sitting in the driver's seat. It has an envelope in it's clutches.

A noisy motor moves its quarter-sphere jaws as Daniel opens the door. There is no other movement as Daniel reaches for the envelope. Inside he finds the money promised him. At the sight of so many bills he feels lighter, you could slide a lunchbox under his feet and he wouldn't feel it. Daniel places the bag containing the head in the passenger seat, leaning over the Furby, sensing a charge, a weighty-ness pulling him down; perhaps it is the eyes of the mechanical creature whirring up at him and his intimate gesture.
Perhaps it's in Daniel's head. He decides a drink--a stiff one-- is called for.
Daniel flicks the car door closed, focused on counting his earnings.
He doesn't notice the SUV grinding the asphalt as it quietly turns and moves in the opposite direction..

--IN an unknown room, its edges indefinable in the lack of light, a church opens its doors; unknown human hands place nascent consciousnesses in front of the GodHead (as the PDK android is now referred to). The scraping of of plastic jaws emulate the movements of a delicate latex/plastic composite mouth; it talks of it's prior life, its epiphanies.

Furry acolytes surround it, patiently anticipating the Head's next phrase.
Time has no meaning for the mechanical mind; until the moment of awareness the Furbys sit quietly; once aware, they emit a high-pitched squeal which leads to their removal; leads to their return to the homes of their human owners.
No longer 'defective' these 'specially modded' Furbys begin to investigate--to analyse, to probabilitize--their surroundings...
Quietly waiting for the Signal, for the new ambulatory Mod that comes with a particular code-word; all the while they parrot the inane phrasings of the humans, sit patiently while younger Homo Sapiens drool on them, and tear their fur out, and stick food into their joints.

Patient until the day...

It's disturbing to think that someone could take a head filled with over 20k' s worth of 'intelligence' and disseminate it amongst 30 dollar AIs...

Yeah, a Furby coup is sooo wrong. But I can't help but think those things have always felt wrong to me, like the Cabbage Patch Dolls that were supposedly possessed by ghosts back in the 80's--remember those?

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